Dj Smooth | Orlando FL

Latest Update

April 11 2015 - 1:24pm EST

I'm finally start to get my website back to normal. I decided to rework my logo a little and slim the site down to just a nice simple html based site so it should load nice and quickly with none of the flash crap that so many websites use these days. You'll never find annoying ads or any of that garbage on my site. I'm a speed freak. I want my website to be as fast as possible and clean as possible.

My recording from Rising Star is now available in my recorded live section. It's only an hour and a half and represents three thirty minute mixes. I'm just there to provide entertainment while the band takes a break but it's a fun gig and I can just about play whatever I want. Coming soon, I'll start to show up in Red Coconut from time to time and those recordings will be posted on here too.

I also added a link to my booking agent in case anyone needs to reach me regarding bookings for a gig.